About us

Agoni Grammi Gonimi is a civil non-profit organization whose purposes are to promote the artistic, intellectual, and cultural development of small communities, the protection and management of the natural and residential environment, as well as the implementation of health programs. The underlining vision for all our programs is equal access to education, culture and health, providing a field for multifaceted expression and cultivating individual potential. The means for achieving this vision is the formation and presentation of a diverse learning environment with multiple subjects of knowledge. The ultimate goal of this endeavor is to strengthen social ties within members of local communities through coexistence, cooperation and collective creation.

The programs have been implemented since 2007 and to date, more than 1,200 visits have been made to 105 islands, villages and towns. Its main areas of activity are the environment, culture and health.

This program, implemented by Agoni Grammi Gonimi, in collaboration with the associations LARA Hellenic School of Dogs-Blind Guides and PERPATO Association of People with Motor Problems and Friends includes the creation of a platform (including a website and an application) that will inform and promote accessible tourism for the disabled in the Greek islands.

On this platform, the user has the opportunity to create their profile (with personalization options according to the user’s needs and special characteristics) to find the necessary information for accessible points and services available to the destinations they’re interested in, and also to get in touch with volunteers / escorts who could help them if necessary.

The program aims to create a complete information network that will ensure the right to tourism for people with disabilities, in an effort to combat discrimination and improve living conditions for people with disabilities in Greece.

Our goal is to discover necessary information on accessibility at a number of Greek destinations that we will then include in the platform and make available to the tourist public. By supporting and promoting accessible tourism through this program, we want to incite a movement of change, that will bring forth substantial improvements to tourist destinations by designing or reconfiguring infrastructure and services based on international accessibility standards for people with disabilities.


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Installation steps

  1. Open the platform from Sarafi browser
  2. Tap the share icon
  3. Then tap "Add to Home Screen"