About us

ExtraMilers is a platform for showcasing and promoting accessible tourism in the Greek islands.

The platform aims to create a complete information network that will ensure people with disabilities the right to tourism, in an effort to combat discrimination and improve living conditions for people with disabilities in Greece. The start is made with three islands, Syros, Chios and Rhodes, with the prospect of expanding this network in the future to cover as many destinations as possible.

Our goal is to discover and make available to the tourist public the necessary information for the accessibility of the disabled in the destinations included in the platform. By showcasing and promoting accessible tourism through ExtraMilers, we want to create a 'stream of change' to make substantial improvements to tourist destinations by designing or configuring infrastructure and services based on international accessibility standards for people with disabilities.

ExtraMilers is an initiative of the Agoni Grammi Gonimi organization sponsored by Microsoft. ATCOM is responsible for the design and development of the platform. Scientific collaborators who ensure the validity of the information of the platform are the following organizations: LARA Hellenic School of Dogs-Blind Guides and PERPATO Association of People with Motor Difficulties and Friends.

Since 2007, Agoni Grammi Gonimi has been implementing programs in remote areas of Greece aimed at strengthening social ties for members of local communities through coexistence, cooperation and collective creation. The goal of the organization is equal access to education, healthcare and culture for all, regardless of where they live.


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Οδηγίες για το ποιός είναι ο πιο βέλτιστος τρόπος να βγάλεις φωτογραφίες (φώς, απουσία έντονου μακιγιάζ, κλμ)

Installation steps

  1. Open the platform from Sarafi browser
  2. Tap the share icon
  3. Then tap "Add to Home Screen"